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Welcome!  Dixon Actuarial was created with a very specific vision in mind - to provide unparalleled actuarial expertise and service to public sector organizations.

Our Services

We provide actuarial valuation services of employee future benefit programs for both accounting and funding purposes.  The following list identifies many of the benefits we commonly value for our public sector clients.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefits are benefits expected to be provided at or during retirement to employees and their beneficiaries.  Examples of these type of benefits are:

  • Retiree medical, dental and life insurance *
  • Retirement allowances, gratuities or gifts
  • Executive retiree benefits
  • Retiree discounts

* Note that even if the retiree benefit premium is 100% retiree paid, there may still be an accounting liability.    If the retiree premium rates are set based on the combined active and retiree plan experience, the rates may not be sufficient to cover the expected future cost of the retiree plan.

Post Employment Benefits

Post-employment benefits are benefits expected to be provided after employment but before retirement to employees and their beneficiaries.   Examples of these type of benefits are:

  • Self-insured long-term disability income
  • Self-insured workers' compensation benefits
  • Continuation of medical, dental and life insurance (if no waiver of premium) during disability

Compensated Absences

Compensated absences are benefits for employee absences for which employees will be paid.  A few examples are:

  • Vested accumulated sick leave benefits (sick days bank and carry forward to be used for future illnesses or are paid out in whole or in part  when employee terminates or retires)
  • Non-vested accumulated sick leave benefits (sick days bank and carry forward to be used for future illnesses but cannot be paid out when employee terminates or retires) 
  • Sabbaticals that provide compensated, unrestricted time off for past service

Termination Benefits

  • Contractual or special termination benefits

The above benefits are examples of more common benefits included under the scope of PSAB 3250 and PSAB 3255 and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  For a discussion on any of these benefits or a complementary assessment of potential materiality to your financial statements, please feel free to contact us.